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Fiction writing updates Read →
Implementing multiple choice selection in Go with promptui Read →
Staff? Who, me? Read →
The leaves Read →
Sympathy is difficult Read →
Exploring testing private TypeScript functions with Jest Read →
How leg extensions saved my knees (quick, knock all the wood!) Read →
My WFH workspace evolution Read →
Glastonbury: the Tor and Avalon Orchard Read →
Glastonbury: getting there and the town Read →
Avantone Pro Planar first impressions Read →
PiccoloCane Tanto2 pet stroller review Read →
Reflections on starting a limited company in Sweden Read →
`json.Marshal()` with additional fields in Go Read →
How I'm testing MongoDB calls in Go (for now) Read →
Experimenting with remote work locations Read →
War and K2 Read →
I risk becoming a hermit and liking it Read →
Mike Shinoda's video game NFT dreams Read →
Amazon's author banpocalypse Read →
TypeScript <3 Read →
Will my new blood pressure monitor be the thing to get me to finally meditate? Read →
Editing and making myself finish the first series Read →
14 years of game dev Read →
Hosting Read →
Making a series outline Read →
Pls Read →
The second book is harder Read →
Social media break Read →
Scrape, Scrape Read →
Testing external API calls in Go Read →
ThinkPad P14s AMD First Impressions Read →
The quest for a humidifier Read →
Spring and Rigel Read →
Litter Robot 3 Review Read →
Time blocking Read →
Investing in sustainable food Read →
Happy-ish New Year Read →
ALIFE 2020 - Robot Cancer Read →
ALIFE 2020 - Soft alife with SPLAT and Ulam Read →
Social distancing ramblings Read →
IBM lecture - Introduction to quantum computers and quantum computer programming Read →
2019 Travels Read →
Docker Containers for testing Read →
SnailLife Genome Lab Read →
State of the Liza - 2019 Read →
Happy New Year Read →
Fun PresentationFramework side-effect of bad equality Read →
A first stab at gene expression Read →
Brainstorming the SnailLife gene system Read →
Building a snail one organ at a time Read →
Are YOU experiencing shady output from your Go debugger? Try these things! Read →
Roee: Self Modifying Go Simulation Experiment - Part 2 Read →
Roee: Self Modifying Go Simulation Experiment - Part 1 Read →
Quick and Dirty Function Timing in Go Read →
Rubber Ducky Moments: 'Completely unrelated []interface{}!!!' Read →
Sleep Read →
Sunset and sunrise on the Tor Read →
First day in Glastonbury - visiting Tor and Chalice Well Read →
IJCAI Session Notes: Rebel Agents Read →
IJCAI Session Notes: Learning Common Sense Read →
IJCAI Session Notes: Verifying Agent Based Autonomous Systems Read →
go-sql-driver and MySQL 8 Read →
Input Club K-Type and /dev/tty impressions Read →
Some SnailLife Go client testing notes Read →
Testing SnailLife Go repositories Read →
Excluding mocks from coverage reports Read →
Testing SnailLife Go on Go 1.10 Read →
GitLab CI for SnailLife Go Read →
Running tests and getting coverage reports on server deployment in SnailLife Read →
ECAL session notes: Open-Ended Simulations Read →
ECAL session notes: Digital Evolution Read →
ECAL session notes: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Artificial Life Read →
Day 1 of ECAL 2017 - ISAL Summer School Read →
Server and client for SnailLife Go Read →
Go auth (and other) progress Read →
Playing with authentication in Go Read →
Trying Out Go Read →
Talk on Big Data Tools and Architectures at Foo Cafe Read →
State of the Snail - Debugging Hell Read →
Hello, TensorFlow Read →
Having a fish tank is supposed to be about stress relief Read →
Snaily Updates: BrainHub + Runners, SnailLife Logo Read →
BrainHub and BrainRunner - finally over the hump Read →
The brain scope is growing: BrainHub, BrainRunners, Brains Read →
Snaily Updates, Nov 10 - Family trees and inbreeding coefficient Read →
Snaily Updates - Bug fixing and cleaning out old stuff Read →
My account deletion saga Read →
Snail organs, immunity, and ageing Read →
Wild snails around the world Read →
More location and temperature stuff Read →
Bringing snail stables down to Earth Read →
Snail stable breeding brands Read →
I have become Crazy Cat Lady, the Buyer of Cat Strollers Read →
Pee-training Rigel Read →
Laravel log file backups to S3 Read →
SnailLife messaging system Read →
Update on Rigel and response from DjurAkuten Read →
Snaily updates Read →
Items Read →
Images for combined substrate Read →
Migrating to Laravel 5 Read →
Thinking through substrate Read →
Jar substrate is a go Read →
Tackling Gastropoda's memory usage - Round One Read →
The month from Hell Read →
On your mark, get set, crawl! Read →
Rethinking racing. Also cool snail art! Read →
Snail brain semi-stable and reviewing visual traits set during breeding Read →
From Amazon Web Services to Digital Ocean Read →
It's not so bad. We have snail babies, after all Read →
Snail gym vs training jar Read →
The journey continues - from Elastic Beanstalk to CodeDeploy Read →
Personality Read →
State of the Snail, 2014 Read →
Deploying Gastropoda to Amazon Web Services - Never Forget Read →
Claustrophobia and eggicide Read →
Scheduled food delivery, arousal suppressant, and brain woes Read →
No more starving snails Read →
Detangling snail actions. Also a cat Read →
Hiking, Beyond Earth, and Gastropoda update Read →
The ongoing saga of snail mating decisions Read →
Went to my first Laravel Meetup Read →
Event queues Read →
The snails are eating again Read →
Websocketing it up for snail movement Read →
Braaaaaainsss Read →
And we're back Read →
Pathfinder: two heroes are born Read →
Wolfling runs Read →
On snail eggs Read →
New snail shell patterns Read →
Laravel migration done Read →
A battle with racing Read →
Setting up an AWS EC2 instance for Gastropoda Read →
Summer holidays and Amsterdam Read →
Custom validators in Laravel Read →
Experimenting with Laravel Read →
The beginnings of a currency Read →
To the Node and back Read →
A move and a quick Gastropoda update Read →
The day of the lettuce leaf Read →
Taking it easy on the snailing with some lazy layout work Read →
Recording snail history logs Read →
Thoughts on @HobbyGameDev's post on starting simple Read →
Snail metabolic rates and caloric needs Read →
My 3 favorite Södermalm cafes to work in Read →
Gastropoda - racing progress Read →
A cycling adventure Read →
It's summer! Read →
Baby snails! Read →
Ripping apart Gastropoda Read →
Gastropoda, the name Read →
Here jars, there jars, everywhere jars jars Read →
Collecting wild snails Read →
Porting Game of Snails to PHP Read →
Stockholm and robot parts Read →
San Francisco and other updates Read →
An icy walk of creepitude Read →
Global Game Jam 2014 in Stockholm (#GGJ14/#GGJSthlm) Read →
A slow start to 2014 Read →
The scenic route Read →
Bromptoning it up Read →
Move to S3 and Octopress. Oh and #1GAM Read →
One Game a Month (#1GAM) Done! Read →
First foray into Unity Read →
Steven Enns and "Craftsmanship" Read →
Bellmanstafetten relay race - didn't die! Read →
How not to run Midnattsloppet Read →
Trying out the Rearth Ringke Fusion Nexus 4 case Read →
Porting Interdiction to Android with CocoonJS - overcoming mouse position offset problem Read →
Some Toaster AI improvements Read →
Slowly improving Toaster AI for #1GAM Read →
We're more than halfway through the #1GAM year! What I've made so far. Read →
June #1GAM game and board game AI Read →
Game of Snails in all its barely-playable glory Read →
A traumatic [read: wimpy] experience Read →
A Game of Snails and Heroku Read →
Revelation: I don't actually want to run a half marathon... Read →
GUI - I hate this part. Read →
A weekend of train-ventures, dodgy restaurants, and the most amazing weather in the universe. Read →
A Game of Snails - Breeding system Read →
A Game of Snails - feature list Read →
Snails, running, and Sweden Read →
Sweden weather is improving so I'm ditching the treadmill. It hurts. Read →
Building in ImpactJS multiplayer is like a jelly wrestling contest Read →
Deploying games to the Chrome Web Store seems stupidly easy Read →
iOS to Android - Nexus 4 Read →
A first try at object pooling Read →
Random thoughts on JavaScript performance, garbage collection, and object pooling Read →
Running, unfortunate sprites, and GDC sessions Read →
Creating randomized eye movement in ImpactJS Read →
February #1GAM Game - My Mind Is Going Read →
More tea...Silver Needle! Read →
A potentially unwise newfound interest in tea. Read →
Growing JavaScript trees for #1GAM Read →
Still drawing... #onegameamonth Read →
One Game a Month - Animatch progress Read →
One Game a Month Read →
Sweden update - snow and Finland and Russian food and stuff! Read →
Splitting text into lines according to maximum width + vertical text scroll in JavaScript and HTML5 Read →
Selecting from multiple ship/character options before each level (more UI stuff) Read →
How I ended up handling GUI elements in ImpactJS Read →
Modified screen shaker and camera follow in ImpactJS Read →
Saving game state with HTML5 localStorage and JSON - a rough working draft Read →
Dabbling in UI Read →
So long and thanks for all the fish. Read →
Js13kGames entry finally submitted. Now I can think about something else, right? RIGHT? Read →
KROOG - @Js13kGames entry Read →
I made a Twitter logo in HTML5. It's like the ugly brother of the actual Twitter logo Read →
New challenge: Keeping track of my own code Read →
Curved laser beams with HTML5 canvas quadraticCurveTo() method Read →
Making a laser beam entity in ImpactJS using HTML5 canvas stroke() Read →
I relearned basic trig today...kind of...sort of...Let's just say my thing works and leave it at that. Read →
Too many tiny functions? Read →
Why I can't not optimize. Read →
Getting around the HTML5 canvas ctx.fillText line break limitation Read →
Made a rough Space Invaders clone. Annoyed at Chromium and its HTML5 audio bug. Read →
Today was not as productive as it should've been - Multitouch and stuff Read →
That thing where I said I was going to take my mind off of coding for a while? It didn't work. Read →
This post is not going to talk about how to do anything. But it's still about (iOS)Impact Read →
Directional swipe and double-click in ImpactJS Read →
How much impact do ImpactJS timers have on performance? Plus implementing player speed boosts. Read →
Swapping out animation sheets on state change in ImpactJS Read →
Refining on-the-fly pit spawning in Impact Read →
Procedural levels continued: randomized pits and performance enhancements Read →
Experimenting with procedurally generated levels in ImpactJS Read →
Making a player grow as they eat stuff in ImpactJS Read →
My 5 favorite opening lines from books Read →
I obviously have a thing for compound words and fire Read →
I miss Alabama sometimes. Here are things that remind me of it. Read →
Can we just stop being unappreciative jerks please? Read →
iiNet TopGeek 2.0, Hippo Creek, & Diablo 3 Read →
The zombification of Adam Green Read →
Affecting the world and other things smelling up our fridge - by Joseph Hewitt Read →
A belated post about the first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event / @GuildWars2 Read →
Chat bot nostalgia - old conversation transcripts Read →
Box2D, I have conquered you!!! (sort of) Read →
From iOS to Windows Phone - I got a Nokia Lumia 800 Read →
What I should have read a few years ago. Read →
Pre-ordering Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition from EB Games Read →
Box2D, you are torture. Read →
Fun per genre - MMORPGs Read →
Documentation, placeholder audio, and object interaction Read →
I feel so rested right now it's amazing. Read →
Entity states, animations, and other random stuff Read →
Work, work Read →
1pm breakfast after a 4am night - a JavaScript hangover Read →
JavaScript lighting making slow progress Read →
Working on JavaScript lighting Read →
Entity spawning diagrams, dynamic attributes, and The Making of Prince of Persia Read →
I wish I could remember this dream Read →
JavaScript learning review Read →
Gwen: Streamlining adjacency settings, performance, notifications, allegiance, etc Read →
Sniffling and coding and level design (yes, again) Read →
Heads up: going away. Not dead. Read →
Levels and relaxed features Read →
Today was a bug fixing and facepalming kind of day Read →
Top down perspective vs isometric projection/2.5D Read →
Level design, entity spawning, and art. Read →
The long road to adjacency. Read →
Getting my head around shallow vs deep copy Read →
Path follow mostly working - on to detecting adjacent nodes Read →
On luck and having awesome friends. Read →
An update on Gwen - we have path follow. Read →
Hello, Gwen. Read →
I slept! And next. Read →
Registered for #AltDevConf 2012 Read →
Things on napkins. Read →
I'm going to San Francisco for GDC 2012 Read →
Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Silent - I am now a full mechanical keyboard convert. Read →
GenghisCon 2012 Read →
Trent Reznor started this rant. Read →
What I did last year Read →
Just some first thoughts on Star Wars: The Old Republic/SWTOR Read →
Linear vs nonlinear games Read →
Finished Battlefield 3 single player campaign Read →
Finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution and The Missing Link DLC Read →
Building Adam. Read →
2 weeks with the Razer BlackWidow mechanical keyboard: review/impressions Read →
Should we be gamifying our lives? Read →
What an awesome weekend. New keyboard and mouse, Fremantle, and a great run. Read →
Discovr Music - not really the app for me Read →
What annoyed me about Real Steel - and the one thing I really really liked. Read →
My mouse went to mouse heaven, so I got Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse. First impressions. Read →
Photos from EB Expo 2011 Read →
I got to Brisbane in one piece! Read →
Redesigns and injuries go hand in hand Read →
I'm going to EB Expo 2011 - with a media pass thanks to iiNet Read →
Hello, MacBook Air. Where have you been all my life? Read →
Pistol shooting session at Midland Indoor Shooting Range! Read →
My favorite science fiction movies Read →
ifttt: if this then that. Automate your social media task list. Read →
Weird website contests, RPGs, and MMO gold-digging = my childhood Read →
Cryonics and mind transfer Read →
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - I've never been so into an FPS Read →
Razer Blade gaming laptop - pleeeeeease come out in time for Guild Wars 2 Read →
HP TouchPad obtained Read →
The Project Dust/From Dust trailer reminds me of something Read →
Things I am most looking forward to this year Read →
Boyfriend draws me on the Wacom Intuos4 Read →
Installing Windows 7 through Boot Camp with no Optical Drive on a Mac Mini Read →
I fail at life and everything - installing my new Wacom Intuos4 Read →
The Mac App Store is fricking awesome. And new Mac Mini! Read →
No, I don't want a fracking coupon. Read →
Panasonic Insider Crew Home Read →
Google+ - the next social networking hit or a messy mashup? Read →
The Quantum Thief. Way over my head, going onto my re-read list. Read →
LulzSec, Anonymous, and Hacktivism Read →
X-Men: First Class was AWESOME...though that ending Read →
Reading The Quantum Thief Read →
Follow-up on my What's Up Pitches talk Read →
Source Code - flawed, but good...and disturbing Read →
2011 HBF Run for a Reason completed! Read →
Sony does it again - password reset URL exploit Read →
Visiting Melbourne Read →
2011 Panasonic Home Entertainment Launch in Melbourne Read →
Yay new monitor! BenQ GL2440 24" LED Read →
Help me save Shaun from diabetes Read →
Daisyworld Read →
Stranger in a Strange Land Read →
I'm going to Melbourne! Panasonic Insider Crew Read →
More hotlinking, please Read →
Runkeeper LIVE - great runner safety feature potential Read →
I just moved to NAB. Crap. Read →
iiNet TopGeek Final Read →
I'm lucky - I have help. #snails Read →
How does one draw an endearing snail? Read →
Gypsy Tapas House - almost perfect, but... Read →
The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson - still sinking in. Read →
Oh hai there, Kindle Read →
iiNet TopGeek - Game Over (for me) Read →
I have just been reminded how much our mailbox sucks. Read →
An overdue post about RIFT Read →
World War Z by Max Brooks = Apocalyptic Goodness Read →
Michael Buble in Swan Valley was AMAZING Read →
Stop Cancelling TV Series Read →
Toaster - My iiNet TopGeek Challenge 2 Entry Read →
Cookie-cutter MMO questing systems. Read →
MAXIMUM DOG - Canine Zombie Protection Suit Read →
Finally finished Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood Read →
Photoshop challenge - Make an HTC 7 Mozart photo look good! Read →
My gaming rut and mobile games Read →
I made it into TopGeek Top 20 :) Read →
GenghisCon 2011 - Awesomeness! Read →
I watched Buried last night Read →
Claiming belief vs knowledge Read →
My most memorable reads Read →
Dinner at The Atrium at Burswood - it sucked. Read →
How to buy a US-only Kindle eBook in Australia Read →
Watched Tron: Legacy Read →
D&D and Speed Fighting Read →
Top Geek...and I cancelled my Vodafone plan Read →
Busy weekend - Atrium at Burswood, D&D, and Jarrahdale Hike Read →
Panasonic Insider Crew keeps telling me I'm special. Must be true. Read →
Proclamation of undying love - vividwireless Read →
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Read →
What NASA's big announcement SHOULD have been Read →
Removing blemishes in Adobe Camera RAW Read →
Perth Dachshund UN - 47 Dachshunds having a vigorous debate Read →
Pre-ordered Harry Potter tickets. Need wizard's hat. Read →
Ebony & Ivory makeup launch and Slovakian ballet Read →
NaNoWriMo has begun. Day 1 - 2,583 Words Read →
Ghosting it up - Party at the Prison Read →
Morning schedule fail - and Halloween party at the Fremantle Prison! Read →
NaNoWriMo 2010 - National Novel Writing Month Read →
Rearranging my schedule Read →
What happened to the kvass...and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party challenge Read →
Fruit-eating goal setting Read →
Keeda is infected. Zombie virus? Read →
Attempt at kvass-making Read →
Neighborhood Photos Read →
Laser Eye Surgery Read →
Laser Eye Surgery is a-Go! Read →
Fremantle-y Day Read →
Tweetie 2 Freaky Keyboard - Still Worth It Read →
Stargate Universe Looks Promising Read →
Lion King PC Game Nostalgia Read →
A Bad Run - Running in the Heat Read →
Derren Brown Guesses Lottery Numbers Read →
Women's Classic 5km Race Read →
Jim Sparks - Alien Abductee Read →
Finished Emergency Read →
EMERGENCY - "This book has the slight possibility of maybe helping you to save your life one day." Read →
My First Ever Global Game Jam Read →
Battlestar Galactica is the Awesomest Thing Ever! Read →
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