Bellmanstafetten relay race - didn't die!

Yesterday I took part in Bellmanstafetten - a 5km relay race - with other runners from DICE. We had three teams, one of which was aiming to beat last year’s company record for the race (I wasn’t on that one). We got shirts and everything!

Bellmanstafetten is a relay race consisting of five people per team, each of whom runs 5km before passing a baton to the next in line. I was on the awesome DICE Team Two:

Bellmanstafetten - DICE Team Two

We went from the office to Universitetet T-Bana. By this stage I was already nervous. It’s one thing to run in a race by yourself, but here you have four other people on your team depending on you! What if I drop the baton?!

Walking to the train, Stockholm

The race location was a bit of a walk from the station, but the weather was perfect for a run:

Walk to Bellmanstafetten race

We got to the race location and set up on a picnic table near the last stretch of the race so that we could cheer each other on. We filled out some paperwork to get our batons and picnic baskets:

Signing in to Bellmanstafetten

There was some confusion in the beginning as we tried to figure out when we’re meant to start, where to stand, etc, but once that was over with everything went pretty smoothly!

The race was quite flat aside from some slight slopes. I haven’t been running as much as I should have been over the last couple of months so my speed left something to be desired (23:32 according to the official time, though my GPS disagrees by 10 seconds), but it was a great experience and encouraged me to train harder for next year. My goal for now will be to do 5km in under 23 minutes, but maybe if I can manage to keep the running up over winter (at least on the treadmill if not outside) I can do better than that. We will see. Here is me looking more confident than I felt as I approach the last stretch:

Running Bellmanstafetten

Anyway, it was a great run! The super fast DICE Team Three ended up reaching the goal of beating last year’s record and so did DICE Team Two (despite my “help”)! DICE Team One also did awesome and I have no doubt that we’ll all come back for a great run next year.

DICE IK at Bellmanstafetten Thanks to Johanna and Andreas for letting me use their awesome photos from the event!

And now, in the wise words of Baz - back to code’n.

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