Time blocking

I have found myself procrastinating a lot in my free time. This was especially noticeable to me toward the end of my Christmas vacation, and yesterday - the first Saturday since starting work again.

It is just so easy for me to get distracted by scrolling through YouTube or Googling random things, or chatting on Twitter.

I listen to podcasts before bed sometimes and last night listened to one about time blocking. While not being able to fall asleep, I looked into a few time blocking apps on Android on a whim. I had tried doing this with my normal Google Calendar and other calendar apps before, but it never really stuck…I knew I wanted to try time blocking again, but not in the traditional schedule-things-into-your-calendar way.

I’ll probably end up trying a few apps, but the one I tried out today is called blocos. You basically schedule however much of your day you want in 10-minute intervals. My intervals ended up changing from what I had scheduled last night. Everything took longer than I had expected. Writing actually took the same amount of time that I expected, but I needed a slightly different break arrangement inbetween so I changed it as I went. Editing took a bit longer, cooking considerably longer (I also included eating and making cat food in this), and publishing just a couple of blocks longer.

As you can see right now I am in the last scheduled three-block sprint - journaling.

blocos app time block view

I originally scheduled reading and meditation for today, but the other tasks chewed into that time. According to my original plan, I would’ve been done with all of those planned activities by now. But here I am at 20:30. I don’t mind this, though, because writing, editing, and publishing did not take longer due to procrastination but due to my underestimating the actual time I would need. I am still new to writing, editing, and publishing my stories, so I haven’t yet gotten the best feel for how long the different stages take.

Luckily, the app provides some stats on my blocks, so maybe over time I will get a better picture of how much time I spend on different things:

blocos app stats view

I might try to use this on weekdays as well, and schedule things I want to do before or after work. That might be tricky because sometimes I get sucked into an interesting problem or wanting to finish a PR at work and work for longer, which will throw off my timeblocks. But that’s OK, because I can reschedule them just like I did today.

Not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this up for. I guess we’ll see.

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