My 3 favorite Södermalm cafes to work in

Since moving to Sweden I have become a sort of cafe hunter. I roam Södermalm with my laptop, sometimes on my Brompton, scouting out potential sitting spots with WiFi where I can sit and work on my personal projects or read.

I think this habit started to form toward the end of my time in Australia, but my cafe-scouting talent never really got a proper chance to develop because everything was just so far apart in Perth. Going to a cafe to work was just not very practical, especially since not as many of them had things like power outlets or WiFi. When I got to Stockholm, however, my cafe addiction took hold. There are so many cafes on Södermalm alone, a large portion of which have WiFi and a place to charge. I figured I’d make a post about my favorite spots to work in, and there are a few. These are listed in no particular order - they’re all too different to really rank. All of the following have free WiFi and places to charge.


Coffice StockholmCoffice is located about a 2 minute walk away from Medborgarplatsen T-Bana. Its main purpose is work - you constantly see hipsters with MacBooks and giant headphones coding or writing reports up in there. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not making fun of them. If you saw me in there you would probably see big headphones (or at least earphones), a MacBook, and Sublime Text. My cheesy GitHub decal completes the look.

Work environment

Coffice tends to be quiet a lot of the time, even when there are many people in there. The main intent for most visitors seems to be to work or study, so you don’t often hear a lot of loud talking or screaming kids.

They have nice sturdy tables and office chairs to work at, as well as some more casual armchairs and a few nice wooden bars/benches. Plenty of places to plug in.

You do sometimes hear some interesting conversations and keywords like conversion rate, Node, and sprint planning being thrown around.


I believe I read somewhere that Coffice is owned by Drop (from what I hear one of the best coffee places in Stockholm, though I might be wrong). I am no coffee expert, but their coffee is always delicious. They also have egg and caviar sandwiches, some desserts, and sometimes my favorite - croissants stuffed with soft cheese and tomatoes. I wouldn’t go to Coffice specifically for food…unless it was one of those croissants. I would totally go for one of those croissants.


Cafe String StockholmString was one of the first cafes that I began to work in regularly. It was amazing! Lots of seats, quirky second hand furniture, armchairs in windows, and a giant motorcycle on display.

Work environment

Cozy, but loud. You’d really need headphones to be able to concentrate properly. Sometimes it gets a bit too hot, but they do open the glass wall-window thing on one of the sides of the cafe during summer which makes it better.


Lots of sandwiches and salads. Greater selection than Coffice - all salads I’ve tried seem fresh and delicious.


Twang Cafe StockholmI just discovered Twang yesterday. I had walked past it before, but it was always packed so I never walked in. It’s a cafe with a guitar shop on the lower floor. Twang has by far the best food of all three of these cafes. Yesterday I had the most orgasmic Tuna Melt sandwich I’ve ever experienced. It was amazing.

It’s a really cool place with different kinds of seating (my favorite spot is the one I’m in now, at a bench by the window). They also have booths and outdoor tables. Out of the two times I’ve been here, it’s been pleasantly calm inside. Their coffee is delicious and it has kind of a homey low key feel. The owner (or maybe he’s the manager) seems really chill. They also have lots of board games, books, comics, cassettes, etc sprinkled around for perusing.

Work environment

There seem to be plenty of charging spots. When not packed it’s super nice and quiet, with good music playing (that isn’t too loud). You can find a corner to tuck away in and do your thing. Twang is more casual and homey than Coffice and most people who come here seem to be your normal Södermalm hipsters and lots of musicians (at least, I keep seeing guitars wandering in). So Coffice is better for a “formal” work atmosphere whereas Twang is better for a unique laid back vibe.


A-fricking-mazing. I had a tuna melt yesterday and a tuna salad today and will no doubt be coming back for more. They only have sandwiches and salads, I believe 6 of each kind to choose from, but they are delicious.

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