Made a rough Space Invaders clone. Annoyed at Chromium and its HTML5 audio bug.

Took the past couple of days to make a rough Space Invaders clone. Learned lots. I ran into a bug once where the game got massively scaled up in the game window; haven’t been able to reproduce it but have a feeling it may have had to do with something on my big PC as it’s been doing weird things and intermittently not loading HTML5 games or YouTube videos properly.

Controls are the usual - left and right arrows to move and Space to shoot.

The most annoying thing for me is audio cutting out in Google Chrome. It’ll be fine for a while and then will either start only playing bits of the audio files or nothing at all (this then affects all HTML5 audio in the browser, not just this instance). This has been a problem in all of my HTML5/JS projects and from what I’ve read it’s a known issue with Chromium. Even worse (if this is the same issue) is that while the sound just cuts out on Mac, in Windows Chrome the entire browser apparently sometimes freezes (though I haven’t been able to reproduce this myself on Windows yet, it’s just mentioned in the linked bug report). The only workaround for now is to completely restart the browser.

[Click here if the game does not load above this link](
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