Happy-ish New Year

It has been such a long year.

I like being by myself. For the most part I’ve enjoyed hiding away in my little apartment, getting groceries delivered, working from home. I don’t really need a lot of human interaction. But by this point even I have gotten pangs of wanting to go to the city and sit in my favorite coffee shop, or just window shopping, or being able to go to a restaurant or stroll through Gamla Stan. Most of all I’ve missed being able to meet Dimitris normally. In the last year we have had just two brief stretches of time when we could see each other semi-“normally” - ie not two meters apart, outside or with all windows open (in the freezing cold), sleeping in separate rooms. He can’t self isolate the way I have been, so we’ve had to be careful. Luckily this Christmas break has given us a week of safe self-isolation.

The impending vaccine is at this point what keeps me going the most. I really hope no new strain pops up which renders it ineffective.

Other than that, I am lucky to live near a lot of nature! Over the last week we mostly stayed indoors coding and talking, but we did have a couple of walks and tested out this tent I bought a while back. We each got this small single person tarp-tent as a way to potentially spend time together safely while camping outdoors. But conflicting schedules and the reality of how cold it is now meant we haven’t actually done this yet. This time around we could just stay at my place and didn’t need to use the tent-distancing-thing, but we took my tent and walked out to a nearby lake to do a trial setup. And it was great! The tent is nothing special - basically just a tarp - but it was so easy to set up and is nice and light. What really impressed me the most was this Exped Flexmat Plus Foam sleeping pad thing (basically a foldable foam mat). We set the tent up on top of very wet, very cold mossy rock. But sitting on the mat inside the tent, I did’t feel the chill from the ground at all. Not sure if it would eventually seep through and get chilly, but we were on that thing for a couple of hours and it seemed to work.

View of a lake with a man looking out

A rock between trees in the water of a lake

Polyver boots sitting near a lake

View of rock and lake from the inside of a green tent

The week before last it also snowed for a couple of days. It’s all gone now, but I did get to have a snow walk in the local forest:

A tree covered with snow

Small passage through the snowy trees

A pawprint, maybe wolf, in the snow

Liza snow portrait

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