A slow start to 2014

Things after One Game a Month have been…different. I feel I’m lazier with no hard deadlines for personal projects - bumming around and browsing Reddit or focusing more on the newfound cycling hobby than making hobby games in the evenings.

I did decide to try out edX though as my first foray into more structured learning, registering for an introductory computer science course run by HarvardX. I’m not really that into it yet. I can tell the material is interesting, but the first problem set consists of making a project with Scratch. Scratch, for those who don’t know, is a pretty cool visual programming tool developed by MIT. It’s essentially drag-and-drop coding, good for learning the basics of things like loops. However, right now I still don’t feel like I’m learning anything new. I’m sitting there making a Space Invaders clone and not really encountering anything super interesting yet, which puts me back into lazing around browsing cycling subreddits mode (because that’s so much more productive). The next problem set moves into C which should be a lot more fun. You can skip forward at your own pace, but I’d feel like a cheater if I didn’t go through all of the coursework, less interesting parts included.

So I figure I need to buckle down and do this thing. In the meantime…cycling photos, anyone?

Trees at what I THINK is Nackareservatet

Outdoor gym Sweden

People training at the outdoor gym at what I think is the Nackareservatet

Brompton M6L

The steed

Runner at Nackareservatet

There were lots of people exercising - running, cycling, power walking

Liza and Deider the Brompton

Happy to be outside

Field at Nackareservatet

Brompton M6L

Dirty boot. It was muddy.

Creepy photograph

While trying to take an artsy fartsy photo of needles I managed to snap this picture that makes me look like a creep photographing runners from the bushes. It was an accident.

Some needles yo

Aforementioned artsy fartsy photo…creepitude not included >.>

Onward at Nackareservatet

Soggy dark plant

Soggy plant.

More trees at Nackareservatet

Bike ride with Brompton

It was a good ride.

Red path

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