I feel so rested right now it's amazing.

Last night I did no work on the game. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Instead I had pizza, played some games, and then promptly fell asleep. I didn’t realize how tired I was after 4am-2am-whatever-am nights over this weekend, and really the past few weeks, until I passed out in front of my PC while ordering an artillery assault. I needed the one-night’s rest. As a result today I’m awake and ready to get back into it.

I’ve already started putting in level transition triggers on the train, but had some issues to work out regarding lighting not triggering in level 2 even though I’m calling the relevant functions. I’ve now figured it out, so “doorway” triggers are officially working! Some of this still feels quite messy, however, so I’ll be working on restructuring how it’s all actually done tonight. I’ve already done some rearranging, like removing an unnecessary extension and adding a controller class to keep all player states saved between levels (instead of cluttering up main.js).

Also this morning I started a spreadsheet outlining what art assets I think we’ll need (starting with character animations).

Someone asked me earlier how I don’t get exhausted by finishing paid work only to do this stuff every day - well, I think this might be how. And maybe I do. I figure you run yourself into the ground for a few days, or weeks, or months, and then take a break after you’ve achieved whatever it is you’ve been working toward - a feature, milestone, or just something that’s been driving you crazy. For me this time it was this lighting. I think maybe when it was in and working my brain decided that this was a good time to recuperate (aka get some sleep). Of course the fact that I have a whole another life of paid work out there that needs to be done on a daily basis also contributes to how much rest I can afford to give myself between that and personal projects (that is, not much). But I figure nobody else is going to push you to do what you want, so it just comes down to making it happen yourself.

On a related note: Easter Holidays this weekend! That’s four consecutive days of staying up as late as I want without worrying about work the next day. This is going to be awesome.

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