The Mac App Store is fricking awesome. And new Mac Mini!

I have a confession to make. I am not very consistent with upgrading my software. My iPhone 4 is about 6 months out of date and every time that the little updater came up in Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro I just waved it off and told it to go away.

Yesterday, I finally had enough of it. “Fine, fine, Install and Restart, you stupid thing.”

And the wonders of the Mac App Store were revealed to me.

There is just so much stuff. So much awesomeness. My first app was Wunderlist, a free task manager that is accessible from anywhere - the OS X app, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and of course in the browser. I have tried many a task manager, but find that unless an app is a real pleasure to use it ends up gathering dust. Wunderlist is gorgeous, simple, and makes me want to play with it, so I think it’ll be sticking around for a while (except it still has some bugs in the iPhone app version that I’ve noticed, which was a bit annoying).

My second app was, of course, Twitter.

I have refrained from downloading anything else for the time being, but have a feeling my next app will be my first paid one - Trine. It is a gorgeous looking puzzle game by Frozenbyte. Set in a medieval world, your job is to control the three main characters (knight, thief, and wizard) as you go through puzzle levels. I can’t wait to try it!

New Mac Mini!

In other news, I bought a Mac Mini at the end of June to be my main business computer. I expected the new version to be announced sometime this year, but didn’t know when (someone mentioned possibly even at the end of the year) and decided to just go for it as by that stage I really needed one asap. When the new and improved hardware was announced, I felt that pang of disappointment. I called the Perth Apple store yesterday morning while waiting in line at the fracture clinic in Fremantle and was told that:

  1. Yes, I would be able to exchange my old Mac Mini for the new version as I purchased my Mac Mini less than a month ago

  2. No, they didn’t know when they would be getting them in, but was told to call back that evening.

I call back that evening and they say that they’re actually already in stock and available for purchase! So last night I backed everything up and wiped the data from the original Mac Mini. Today I went into the store and walked out with my new Mac Mini 15 minutes later. What’s more - I expected to pay $100 extra for the upgraded $899 model (I paid $799 for the Snow Leopard (not server) version in June), but happened to ask if there was a discount if it’s for business use. And there was! Instead of paying $100 extra, I ended up paying something like $35. I’d say the trip was a success - and thanks to the guys at the Perth Apple store who helped me out.

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