Discovr Music - not really the app for me

Jubbin has been trying to find techno music that I would like. I’m picky - I don’t like female singers and I prefer kind of a specific sound. All of this Twitter YouTube linkage to music videos made me think - how do I discover new music that I like? Mostly nowadays it’s through hearing about a band through another band, or liking music in a movie and getting the score. Or, a lot of the time, clicking through related YouTube videos until I get to something I like the sound of.

At the same time I happened to be browsing through the Mac App Store and ran into Discovr in the Featured section (aka the front page). Discovr Music has supposedly gotten glowing reviews about its music-matching abilities, spinning a dynamic web of related artists. You can then view information about the artist and find links to YouTube videos, listen to album samples, find them on iTunes, and more straight from the app. The app cost $5.49 in the app store.

I decided to give it a try. And I’m still giving it a try. And…well…it’s okay. Maybe it’s just not the right option for me because I’m the kind that has a lot of individual songs that she likes from various artists, but might not like any other song of theirs at all. So giving me bands and such that sound like other bands is, now that I look back, pretty pointless. In fact, now that I think about it, I guess that’s why hopping from YouTube video to YouTube video kind of works for me (although a song I really like is still a rare find). I’m actually finding myself searching for bands that I already know I like a few songs from and going through the song samples to find more as opposed to using it to discover new bands. I should have thought about this earlier, I know.

I wish there was an app that took this a level deeper and matched me up with songs that are related to/sound like other songs. It would also be cool if you could set some conditions to the search in general - aka male singers only, or instrumental only, etc. Any recommendations?

I’m not saying Discovr is a bad app and I’ll definitely keep trying it. It’s just not looking like the app for me…

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