One Game a Month

I have again been slacking on updating the blog. I have also been slacking on JavaScript. Since starting work and jumping back into learning C++ I’ve been busy and distracted with other things. I guess if I’m honest with myself part of it is also a lack of motivation or urgency to work on my own projects now that I get to work with/on games at work. It’s like that part of what I want to do now gets fulfilled during the day, so when I get home I spend more time on other stuff like reading, writing, and actually playing games more.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing talk of the One Game a Month challenge that starts in 2013 and after a two-minute debate with myself about whether to commit or not I decided to go for it:

One Game a Month I’ve put together a loose list of ideas that should last me for the next few months and started on January’s game already. It’s a children’s game about matching coat patterns to their respective species of animal. I decided to start with this because it should be simple to code and involves a lot of drawing of animals  - I have been itching to break out the graphics tablet again (I’m not a great artist by any means, but usually find it pretty relaxing).

[caption id=“attachment_49137” align=“aligncenter” width=“300”] One Game a Month January screenshot A quick start for January’s game[/caption]

I’ll be working with ImpactJS as usual and the plan is to post all code to GitHub for these mini-games. Some of the game ideas on my list are a bit more complex and others are simpler, so we’ll see how they work out. I’m not focusing on doing anything experimental or even polished here. I’ll just pop out as many games as I can and then I can always go back and polish any that I feel might be worth returning to.

As for Sweden - it is still awesome. It’s been snowing and I’ve had a cough for about three weeks now, but I’m still loving the weather, people, and pretty much everything else.

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