I just moved to NAB. Crap.

I recently began the big switch to NAB. I had been with ANZ since my very first bank account, but a combination of NAB’s free everyday account, great reviews of the bank from friends, and good marketing had me make the move. In addition, I had already recently moved to UBank for my savings account. UBank being a division of NAB, it made sense to go ahead and make the switch.

It’s only been a few days since my new business account and everyday transaction accounts have been all sorted and functional (in fact I still need to go into a NAB branch and arrange a PIN for my business account card, but the personal everyday account has all been working).

I first sent through $50 from my ANZ account to my NAB account to test that everything was ok. It was. I have also begun receiving payments into my business bank account, which went through fine. So on Wednesday night I transferred all funds from my ANZ everyday account to my NAB everyday account.

And this morning I find out that NAB is going through another transaction debacle caused by a computer glitch (sounding much like the one at the end of last year). So now my funds are in limbo - between ANZ and NAB, and with the weekend coming up I have a feeling I won’t be seeing them any time soon. It’s lucky that I happen to have a bit of cash on me (normally I don’t), so I should be able to get through the weekend without too much hassle.

Only yesterday I had read on NAB’s site that payments which are ame after Thursday, April 21 will not be processed until the following Wednesday due to Easter holidays. So now people are in an even tighter position when it comes to getting all funds transfered over before the break.

I was happy to see that NAB was responding to people’s complaints on Twitter, often individually. It really does reinforce their whole “personable” and “homely” thing. But good customer service in the shape of apologizing doesn’t get people their money. I’m now actually worried about my bank move. Can I expect this to happen on a regular basis now? What a disappointing first impression. So much for your awesome “break up” campaign, NAB. To me, it now seems like the quality of your marketing and customer service is leaps and bounds ahead of your actual services. At least with ANZ I could expect to get my funds promptly and without a problem.

Have you been affected by NAB’s technical problems today? If you’re with NAB, are you jumping ship?

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