Taking it easy on the snailing with some lazy layout work

I’m too sleepy to do any proper work on Gastropoda today. I was hoping to implement the first food item, but yeah…that’s not happening. This morning I decided to head to the office early to get some work done on a largeish task while I had some distraction-free time. I did get a lot done, but waking up at 4am also meant that I was completely beat by about 1. Now I’m in bed, half asleep, wishing someone would bring me some cheese.

Anyway, so instead of working on the rough draft of the feeding implementation I decided to take it easy and mess around with the site layout. I’m pretty sick of looking at completely unformatted HTML pages, but I also don’t want to start fancifying it too much. So I noodled around and ended up with this:

Gastropoda - rough layout

And that’s it. It’s bed time. Tomorrow I’ll try to get to the feeding and the proper daily energy consumption reporting (right now the event log only reports how much energy the snail lost as part of its daily Resting Metabolic Rate consumption, but the snail also loses energy every time it races, so the daily amount should take into account all energy-draining events).

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