Top Geek...and I cancelled my Vodafone plan

First of all, today I entered iiNet’s Top Geek competition. Vote for me! Please? :D

Second, today I got out of my Vodafone contract. My data connection has just been shocking over the past months and today I called up for something like the fourth time (it was the second time out of four attempts over the past few days when I actually got through). They switched me to prepay with no penalty rates when I communicated respectfully but firmly that I am not going to pay for something that I can’t even properly use. My accounts kind of in limbo stage right now - I need to recharge it before I can receive or send any calls or SMS, but they say their systems are currently down and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

The plan for when I get my prepaid account sorted out and working is to go on a $19 per month 2GB plan with Vividwireless, getting a wifi hotspot. This way I’ll be able to not only browse the net better on my iPhone on the go, but will also be able to connect my WiFi only iPad and any other device should the need arise. This will mean we will have two plan with Vivid.

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