Liza Shulyayeva


I’ve tried quite a few blogging platforms over the years: Wordpress, Squarespace, even Ghost at some point, I think.

I opted for self-hosting years ago, always on S3, first via Octopress and now (and for the last few years) Hugo.

I see such interesting content platforms popping up: Medium and Substack are always tempting to join. They are beautiful, host high quality content (well, often…), and look just simple enough to be tempting.

In the end, I always decide to stick with self-hosting. I think it’s just something about knowing it’s mine…my ownmy Precious

Maybe eventually self-hosting blogs will go the way of the dinosaur. Before, the hosted options felt bloated and often ugly. Now, hosted content platforms are allowing simple, beautiful blogs and formatting. For now, I’ll keep chugging away in my own little self-hosted corner of the Internet.

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