Registered for #AltDevConf 2012

I’ve just registed for five Saturday (early Sunday in Perth) sessions of the AltDevConf online conference. Four from the Design and Production track and one from the Programming track. I haven’t been following AltDevBlogADay for too long so not sure what to expect, but I’m sure I’ll learn some awesome stuff along the way.

There doesn’t seem to be much info about the exact content of the talks and a couple of them I’m a bit iffy about (in terms of interest in the subject matter) judging just by the title, but in an attempt to absorb as much knowledge as possible I’ve registered for them anyway. There are only five talks in total each night in each of the 3 tracks (and less in the Education track), so I went for all five time slots back to back. It’s better to know stuff than…not know stuff. They are (I’ve bolded the ones I’m specifically interested in):

  1. The Integrated Influence Architecture - Combining Reactive and Deliberative AI for NPC Control

  2. “Scrum Bowling”: Agile Production Methodology for Indie Teams and Student Projects

  3. How to create a positive online game developer community

  4. Effective PR, Marketing, and Community Management in the Indie Games Space

  5. Operant Conditioning in MMORPGs

I will do my absolute best to stay awake through all of them, but if that doesn’t work out #1, #2, and #5 are the three I’ll definitely aim for. #1 will be mostly over my head at the moment, but what the heck - no harm in tuning in and learning what I can.

The individual sessions I’ve registered for go back to back from 7pm GMT to 12am GMT this Saturday, which is something like 3am - 8am this Sunday in Perth time. Considering I just mentioned (albeit briefly) that my sleep schedule is a little screwed in my last post I should probably know better, but apparently not. There is an entire set of talks the next day as well (although some are duplicates from the day before), but I’m not signing up for any of these because it’ll be early early Monday in Perth. So in the early hours of this Sunday I’ll likely be:

  1. Drugged up on coffee

  2. Tweeting about connection/audio frustrations

Awesome :D

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