Ghosting it up - Party at the Prison

I just got home from Party at the Prison, an awesome Halloween party hosted by Tsvet Productions. I was working at the party, hosted at the Fremantle Prison, as the “ghostly girl”. My makeup was so scary, it even freaked me out. My job was to “hover” around a graveyard which people walked past as they existed the red carpet, so it was right near the entrance. As a result there was a lot of picture-taking by both party goers and media. I had to try to keep a straight, ghost-like expression and stare at guests as they passed, but sometimes it was a little difficult. I was asked out by “ghostly guys” twice throughout the night and plenty of people tried making me crack a smile (some succeeded).

It was good fun, and at about 10:30 Lydia (Lydia Tsvetnenko is the visionary behind the event and she is amazing) let me know the shift was over. I had a few drinks in the VIP tent and then changed out of my nightgown-like costume, washed off my scary makeup as best I could, and went back out to mingle for a while until C came to pick me up. I ran across a few people who tried to trigger a reaction out of me when I was the ghostly girl in the graveyard and jokingly called them out on it (it was a good conversation starter :P) - they didn’t believe it was me at first without the scary makeup! I hung out with the Monster guys for a few minutes (Monster was one of the sponsors of the event and they had a setup right behind the graveyard, so they got to watch my scary ghost hovering for 2 and a half hours) - they, too, didn’t realize who I was at first. Anyway, they gave me a can of Monster, had a bit of a chat, and then it was time to leave as C was getting there in the next few minutes.

Overall the party was awesome. Among the performers were Justice Crew, Jessica Mauboy, and more. Apparently quite a few high-profile Perth-ites were there and people were still buying tickets at the door an hour before the party was actually due to finish. The Party at the Prison was raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association of WA, a great cause!

Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the only photo I took of me with my ghost makeup. I hope to dig some up from other sources and link to them later.

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