Investing in sustainable food

The vast majority of my long term private savings are in low cost index funds. I only hold a handful of individual stocks, from a small “play” bucket in which I have no high expectations. But I have recently been thinking about investing in companies that I actually care about.

Why not invest in companies that do stuff I find interesting and have first hand experience with? Instead of focusing on how it can grow as an investment, I could focus on companies whose work I care about and really believe in. The first example that came to mind is sustainable food initiatives. I already donate to the Good Food Institute and have first hand interest in and experience with meat and dairy replacement products. I truly believe in the power of cell cultured meat and plant-based alternatives to change how we eat, how we treat animals, and how we treat our planet. I have seen first hand the explosion of plant based alternatives on grocery store shelves, and really believe that cell cultured meat will be the next big leap in our meat alternatives.

Most companies researching and developing cell cultured meat products are small and private. But there are a couple of very small, volatile investment companies available in a couple of exchanges that focus exclusively on making investments in some of these small, growing companies. There’s not many of these. I originally only found one, being traded as a foreign OTC and considered too small and uncertain for Nordea to even buy, despite it being listed on their site. But I have found a couple of potential options. I am very far from an expert stock investor and for sure prefer to keep 99% of my money in safer funds, but I think allocating some “play bucket” funds into one or two of these companies would be satisfying for me on a personal level - definitely more satisfying than trying to time the market and buy into more talked-about tech stocks and such.

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