More tea...Silver Needle!

Well, the toughest part of the move is complete. I’m sitting in the kitchen of the new apartment (which is so much more awesome and homey than the old apartment), drinking Silver Needle white tea (a consequence of my aforementioned tea craze) and trying to convince myself to do at least some work on the rhythm game tonight. Although to be honest it’s 10:43pm and I’m falling asleep on this extremely comfortable kitchen stool right now, so it is probably not happening tonight.

Today I found a really great tea shop near Odenplan station - In the Mood for Tea. The guy there spent maybe 30-40 minutes talking to me about tea, specifically Silver Needle tea, how to brew it, where it comes from, the tastes of different teas, etc. He even made me a cup to try in the store. I ended up getting 25g of the stuff because it is amazing. I think this is the first tea I’ve tried so far that did not either a) taste watery or b) made me want to put milk or honey into it. I now know what the man at the store was talking about when he said the taste of the tea should be “long”. The taste lasts for such a long time after the actual sip, and it’s as though it lingers in your throat when you drink it. It feels kind of like drinking heated, flavored spring water.

I am now officially stopping all tea purchases until I run out of at least one of these teas.

Also I read today that even though white tea is meant to have less caffeine than other teas, Silver Needle tea supposedly has the highest concentration of caffeine out of all teas.

On that note, I am now awake. I guess I can make some rhythm game progress after all! I swear my next update is going to be game-related.

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