Perth Dachshund UN - 47 Dachshunds having a vigorous debate

Today I went to Dachshund UN, a live art presentation in Northbridge. A replica of the UN office in Geneva was set up and at 3pm 47 Dachshunds representing each country’s delegates for the Commission of Human Rights were put in their respective places.

Of course, the first delegate I looked for was Ukraine. I was aching to see what fine Dachshund was representing the breadbasket of Europe, my country of origin. Unfortunately the Ukrainian delegate did not seem pleased with the proceedings of the Commission:

Ukraine at Dachshund UN Perth

Ukraine did finally turn around, eyed the public disapprovingly with his serious face, and then turned his backside to everyone once again:

Ukraine is serious at Dachshund UN

Can you see the resemblance?

Viktor Yanukovych - Daschund UN

Then there was Japan, who got the most attention by far with her flirty attitude. Just look at that face - grinning flippantly into the camera. Needless to say none of the other delegates took her very seriously.

Japan - Dachshund UN

Japan - Daschund UN

The Zambian delegate didn’t really interact much with the other delegates, but he seemed to have high hopes for the meeting:

Zambia at Dachshund UN

Bolivia seemed the most pleased with the proceedings:

Bolivia at Dachshund UN

And here’s a group shot of the delegates:

Dachshund UN Perth

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