Snail stable breeding brands

I haven’t made a SnailLife update in a while, but I had a good reason! For about half a month I’ve been working on an entry into the js13kGames challenge. I’ve entered the challenge annually since it started and this year was meant to be no exception. Unfortunately…I wasn’t really into it this year. It felt like work, and with things at actual work being so busy I found myself not having the time or motivation to sit down and work on it after I get home.

When I work on SnailLife it tends to be relaxing, so I figured why mess with a good thing and decided to go back to snails!

The first thing I did to get back into it was implement stable brands. When a snail is born at a particular user’s stable, if that user has a 3 character identifying brand selected that brand is applied to the snail. It is then displayed in front of the snail’s full name along with its titles (have I talked about titles yet? Snails can become Champions and Supreme Champions if they win enough races). So a snail named Crimson Sunchaser born at Lazerbeam Stables who currently holds two Champion titles and 1 Supreme Champion title and has also birthed or sired enough champion foals to earn it the Champion Breeder title would have its full name displayed as follows:

[LZB] SCH CHx2 CHB Crimson Sunchaser

Ie… Lazerbeam Stables Supreme Champion, Champion x2, Champion Breeder Crimson Sunchaser

Of course most people would refer to this snail by its simple barn name, Crimson Sunchaser.

Currently held champion titles can change (if you get enough CH titles it turns into an SCH for example), but the stable brand can never be removed or modified. If a snail is sold, gifted, transferred in some other way - it will be permanently branded with the stable it was born in.

And that’s it for now! Up next I am implement pre and post-race snail instructions.

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