JavaScript learning review

As I’ve gotten over my jetlag I’ve been ramping up the JS work again. There are now two projects to work on and I won’t be posting much about the second one specifically, but will still be writing about the general JavaScript learning progress as well as posting Gwen updates.

I guess now is a good time to reflect on my progress thus far. I started learning how to build HTML5 and JavaScript games late last year. Since then I’ve finished one small project and made awesome progress on another one (Gwen).

Things have been speeding up in general with the things I can build and how long it takes to build them. The personal project that took two months before would probably take a couple of weeks if I went back and rebuilt it now, most of which would consist of drawing spritesheets, backgrounds, and other art assets.

Learning highlights

I think that learning how to build my ideas has been awesome on a million different levels. Not only does it mean that…well…I can make the stuff I want to make, but it’s given me a glimpse into the mindset that a programmer might have in relation to working with design and QA. I’ve been able to use this when working and communicating with programmers (both JavaScript and other languages) for my client projects, which has so far resulted in faster turnaround times and better communication in general.

Right now my priority is just to keep building. Today I’m working with timers. I’m going to need a lot more coffee.

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