Go auth (and other) progress

July 28

Made a bit more progress on the authentication basics today. Relevant commits are:

July 29

Today I focused a bit on the building and installation of snaillifecli. I switched my custom app configuration code for Viper because it apparently integrates really well with Cobra, which is a library to help make CLI applications. It is really tempting to avoid plugging in existing libraries and write everything from scratch because I’m positive that it will teach me a lot about Go, but the existing solutions seem more than suitable and I want to get to working on actual snails at some point.

I also checked in a couple of quick scripts to build and install the app. deployDebug deploys to a subdirectory under GOBIN and copies the config file the app will use alongside the executable. This is really dangerous because it means database credentials are exposed to whoever wants to look in the config file and is to be used for local debug purposes only. The deployProd script first runs go-bindata to generate a go file from the json config and have the configuration compiled into the binary during the build step. This way any sensitive database credentials and such are not directly exposed. Of course though, I don’t plan on distributing any binary with secret key information in it to normal users.

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