Wolfling runs

Wolfling run: “a method of playing the Creatures games in which the players do not intervene in the lives of their norns.” Creatures wiki.

Here is one of the original detailed explanations - Wolfling Run FAQ

I’ve mentioned implementing a way to do wolfling runs in Gastropoda a few times, but then realized that it’s not exactly a commonly known term (at least for people who’ve never played Creatures). I only recently learned that the term is actually based on David Brin’s Uplift novels.

Most of humanity believes itself to be a wolfling species that emerged into sapiency solely through natural evolution, without genetic manipulation of a patron species. Uplift Universe wiki

There are different kinds of wolfling runs, but basically when I played Creatures 3 I mostly ran relaxed wolfling runs. I’d set up the world, then leave my norns for a few hours to breed on their own. It was always really interesting to see which ‘lines’ survived. I even made up stories for them, documenting each norn’s life and breeding patterns in a notebook. At the end of the wolfling run I’d crown an alpha male and female - those who spread their genes the most during the run.

Anyway, I want to set up something similar for the snails. I haven’t yet decided if this will be the default state for the breeding jars…I’ll either just have a Wolfling Run checkbox (or item) that makes the jar disregard capacity and let the snails breed wild. At the moment, breeding events are only triggered when you move a snail into the breeding jar. In reality, I suppose snails would periodically try to mate whenever they’re in the breeding jar. I’d have to get the balance right, make it realistic…they can’t just be breeding like rabbits. The other alternative is requiring the user to get a really high capacity breeding jar. These would be very expensive in terms of the virtual currency, but would be perfect for wolfling runs.

I might start on this now and then move on to race actions.

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