Women's Classic 5km Race

I ran my first race! And I finished!

HHAries and I showed up at Burswood at 7:30. I quickly gulped down my Endura and went to study the course. There were quite a few people there (200 racing in total for both the 5 and 10km plus their partners, families, and whatever other onlookers came).

The course was quite hilly in a couple of parts and on top of that Nike+ decided not to track my pace or distance, so I had no idea how fast I was going. I think I ended up going much too fast in the beginning and tired myself out by the 3rd kilometer. But - I finished. Even though it was my slowest 5km run yet (27 minutes 40 seconds), I still finished in a ranking I’m happy with! Out of 57 people running the 5k (the rest were in the 10k), I came 21st. Rather good, I’d say :D. HHAries was very supportive. I’m now training for the Nike+ Human Race in October - 10km.

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