SnailLife Genome Lab

For the Go rewrite of SnailLife I decided to focus on tools early. In the PHP version as the complexity of the simulation increased, my debugging methods were not able to keep up. I did some remote-stored categorized logging and such, but it wasn’t really enough. Figuring out a bug in the brain or the snail’s genome often took hours of digging around.

I figure now that I am adding more genes and expressers to SnailLife Go, it might be a good time to get a head start on some tooling and make a gene editing and monitoring tool.

SnailLife Genome Lab

Yes, I was tempted to call it CRISPR. But the tool will be called the SnailLife Genome Lab and will basically be another client that communicates with the SnailLife API to sequence and modify snail genes for debugging purposes. In this post I’m just thinking through the features I may want in very rough strokes.


Currently I have two SnailLife Go applications - the client and the server. But both of these live in the same project. SGL will be a separate GitLab project that will simply import the SnailLife common package to get the basic snail, organ, and gene structs. It will communicate with the simulation itself through the server-side API. This will be a web application usable through a browser.


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