Razer Blade gaming laptop - pleeeeeease come out in time for Guild Wars 2

[caption id=“attachment_44272” align=“alignleft” width=“300” caption=“Razer Blade gaming laptop with Switchblade UI”] Razer Blade gaming laptop, Switchblade UI [/caption]

Razer announced a little slice of heaven for PC gamers - an Intel i7 powered gaming laptop that I will probably not be able to resist buying, even if it does come with something like a $2.8k price tag - Razer “Blade”.

Not only is the Razer Blade a beast with its i7 CPU, top of the line NVIDIA graphics, 8GB of RAM, and other ridiculous specs, but it’s also thin (an image the name already evokes, so you may have guessed). The specs are apparently as follows:


Razer Blade Price: USD $2799.99 for the highest specs, but I hear that a lower spec option may also be available.

Razer are calling the Razer Blade the “first true gaming laptop” and heck, I believe them. This thing seems to blow everything else out of the water when it comes to portable gaming PCs. At least, at first glance.

Most attention-grabbing for me from the get-go was multi-touch trackpad screen that allows you to customise its function for each game (supposedly when using an external mouse) or use it as a simple trackpad. They’re apparently calling this “Switchblade UI”

Razer Blade Release Date

The Razer Blade should be released in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Concerns with the Razer Blade

My main concern about the Razer Blade is the same as it is for any laptop…when will this be obsolete? We can barely keep up with desktop PC upgrades nowadays and unlike desktops, laptops, Razer Blade included, aren’t exactly easily upgradeable. But hey, if this MacBook Pro from 2009 can still run Crysis and considering mostly my passion is for MMORPGs, I don’t think that I’d be struggling to run any of my games any time soon on the Razer Blade.

That and when you Google “Razer Blade”, Google shows you razor blades. They’ll really need to build up some brand recognition here to combat the…you know…common household object -.-

Check out the Razer Blade introductory video below:


Will I be getting it?

Will I be getting this? I sure hope it comes out before Guild Wars 2 because if I can get it shipped in from the US and not pay what will likely be an outrageous Australia-specific price - heck yes.

(Coincidentally, Razer’s website appears to be down on and off right now. Too much traffic after the big reveal? Check out the Razer Blade laptop specific page here, if it’s up.)

What do you think about the _Razer Blade _gaming laptop? Do you know of any comprable gaming laptops already on the market? Are you as tempted by this as I am? Do you want to have its babies? Too far?

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