I have just been reminded how much our mailbox sucks.

[caption id="" align=“alignleft” width=“224” caption=“Our current mailbox. I know, it’s depressing."] Green mailbox [/caption]I’ve been commissioned to write a blog post about mailboxes. Now, normally I’m extremely picky and accept post offers only related to technology on some level, but I made an exception because just a few days ago I was looking at our crappy mailbox (on the left) and thinking about how when I own my own home, I will have a totally awesome mailbox. Like a dragon or one of those butt ones, where the postman has to stick his hand into the butt to put the mail in. I know, I’m so funny.

So I had a look at the site, specifically picking out the most decorative mailboxes as I’m not really that passionate about mailboxes and am most interested in seeing what out-there, awesome decorative designs there are. Most of the mailboxes on the site were “safe” designs. Fancy, but not necessarily something that will catch your attention in the “Holy crap that is such an awesomely weird mailbox” kind of way. A couple even look like little coffins! I think they should have a humorous mailboxes section. And in this section they should have the aforementioned butt mailbox.

However, they did have a lot of cute mailboxes - something I could totally see putting in front of my house - like this one! Getting to open a treasure chest on a daily basis? Winning!

I now actually feel a little depressed about our crappy mailbox. I wonder if the owner will allow us to put a cooler mailbox out front. Anyone know where I can get a dragon?

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