Went to my first Laravel Meetup

Last Friday night I attended what was apparently the first ever Laravel Meetup in Sweden. I’m glad I actually made myself go, because I’m not really good with social engagements. I don’t tend to go out much and sometimes end up just not bothering and staying home at the last minute.

Anyway, I’m really glad I went. The meetup was hosted by Snowfire and the main talks were about an introduction to Laravel 5.0 and the Laravel IoC container. Both were super interesting and gave me a lot to think about (and a taste of how much I still have to learn about Laravel and PHP in general).

I don’t think I’m going to update to 5.0 until November at the earliest. I have to mentally prepare myself - I’ve already done so many port experiments, and then the actual full port from vanilla PHP to Laravel 4.2, that I’m not looking forward to another large and complicated migration.

Some crooked pictures of the event:

Laravel 5.0 walkthrough Laravel 5.0 walkthrough 2 Laravel IoC Container

We finished off the night by looking at some Laravel resources and browsing the codebase.

Laravel GitHub
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