I made it into TopGeek Top 20 :)

As many (most?) of you probably know, I entered iiNet’s TopGeek competition several weeks ago. You guys did such an awesome job voting for me, but unfortunately I didn’t make it into the top five spots required to pass through to the second round (the Top 20) based on votes. The good news is that I was one of the 15 people chosen by the judges to go through to the next round!

For those who don’t know - judges choose 15 people by hand and the remaining five spots go to the five top-voted contestants. I am one of the lucky 15 :). You can check out my profile here. Top Geek Liza Shulyayeva

The 20 remaining contestants will need to complete challenges until only one is left standing and the challenges start in February, but we’re meant to get more information next week. I’m excited and nervous about the challenges we’ll need to complete and there are so many awesome geeks to compete against that I don’t even really expect to win, but it should definitely be a fun experience.

Check out @zagundo’s finalist Twitter list here.

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