More hotlinking, please

I run a dog fitness website called 1 Fit Mutt as a hobby. Recently, I was having a look at some backlinks to 1 Fit Mutt and found several instances of image hotlinking. Now, I would think that in this day and age most bloggers would know that hotlinking just is not a polite thing to do - especially if they are running a website about blogging, indicating that they should be quite Internet-social-etiquette-savvy, at least to an extent.

So when I found a website dedicated to mommy bloggers hotlinking to one of my images, I was a little peeved. They should know better. However, instead of disabling hotlinking altogether I decided to use this opportunity for a little polite, relevant self-promotion. I replaced hotlinked images with the following image just for that one domain name: 1 Fit Mutt Dog Fitness Resource

I’m not sure how long this will stay up there before someone notices, removes the image, and I get an angry email from a mommy blogger.

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