Heads up: going away. Not dead.

FYI - I’m leaving the country tomorrow morning and will be back on the 13th. I am going to probably be out of contact for the first 3-4 days or so. Taking a social media break - cold turkey. That means likely no tweeting, no blogging, no nothing. You can still get to me by email, but replies will probably be slow. If I don’t tweet for a few days: I am (most likely) not dead.

I have my first GDC tutorial day on the 5th (HTML5), so that’s when you should prepare for the Twitter update flood. Then Level Design is on the 6th (which ended up being a strangely appropriate choice as this is what I’ve been thinking about with Gwen).

A few of us have already organized to meet up in San Francisco, so I’ll see you there! If we haven’t, I’m sure I’ll probably stumble into you at some point. I’m trying not to make too many rigid plans and just see how it goes. If you’d like to get in touch while I’m there let me know and I’ll send you my temporary mobile number when I get a Pre-Paid SIM. Otherwise I’ll be checking email when I can.

See you when I’m back in Perth!

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