Panasonic Insider Crew Home

Today the Panasonic Insider Crew (Maybe I’ll shorten this to PIC from now on) home was launched in its own little corner of the web (the “Insider Crew Home”) and I was invited to be one of the beta testers. It’s good to see Soup making progress with the Insider Crew. Many of you know that I’ve had my doubts about the Insider Crew before, but with the Home Entertainment Launch event and now a dedicated PIC Home for the members it’s clear that stuff is happening, which is awesome!

What’s more, Soup is actually taking our suggestions for the website on board. Since I first logged in today I noticed at least one functionality improvement that’s been suggested by a few of the beta testers.

Eventually the site will be used to run competitions, events, and more.

My hopes for the Panasonic Insider Crew are:

I’m excited to see how the Panasonic Insider Crew Home progresses and what Soup and Panasonic have in store for us for the future.

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