Tweetie 2 Freaky Keyboard - Still Worth It

When RB tweeted that Tweetie 2 is out for the iPhone I immediately bought it. I bought it because 1) I heard great things about Tweetie 1 and have never used it before and 2) I am on a crazy app buying spree which is probably going to leave me broke in the near future.

My very first impression of Tweetie 2 was not good. I put in my Twitter details and when the app sent me to view my tweets, a keyboard immediately popped up. I could not make this go away to view my tweets properly, but what’s worse, the keyboard looked completely screwed up. It was still usable…if you managed to find the keys properly.

I restarted the app and have not been able to reproduce this problem again, but to be honest I didn’t exactly try very hard. I couldn’t be bothered uninstalling Tweetie 2 and re-installing it again to see if the issue would pop up once more.

Anyhow, I haven’t seen this happen since that first launch of the application and since then I’ve been loving it! Tweetie 2 originally looked much more bland than the free version of Twitteriffic I’ve been using until now, but it is much quicker and more polished looking. I love the Nearby filtering feature, where you can actually view tweets near your location on a map or in a list. I loved watching people Tweet in the city as I did my shopping earlier today.

So far I would say the $3.99 AUD I spent on Tweetie 2 is well worth it, despite the freaky keyboard issue on my first launch of the application. I’m just aching to submit a bug report somewhere, though.

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