Michael Buble in Swan Valley was AMAZING

We saw Michael Buble at Sandalford Wines in Swan Valley last night. I’ll be the first to say that I was never a big fan - but only because I haven’t really bothered hunting down and properly listening to much of his stuff before. I’ve heard a few songs and I liked them, but never really paid much attention.

I am now intent on getting every single Michael Buble song I can get my hands on. Or…well…maybe just the happy ones. He was amazing. Hearing the happy songs just makes you so darn…well, happy. I mean, really, really happy. It’s not like “Oh, this is a really good song.” It’s more like “Holy crap, I actually feel very elated right now.” When listening it felt like I could run to these songs, and keep running forever without ever becoming tired.

We were quite a long way away from the stage so had to rely ¬†on the big screens to see properly, but not far enough away to the point where looking at the stage was pointless, if this makes sense. I also want to mention one of the opening bands - Naturally 7 - who were completely awesome. It was seven guys from New York (I think it was New York) who are absolutely amazing at imitating musical instruments through their voices. I can’t remember who the first opening act was, but I didn’t really think she was anything special. Naturally 7, however, really got my attention and got me all hyped up by the time Michael Buble came on.

We ended up getting home at about 12am. It was an awesome night. I am now officially a Michael Buble fan.

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