Morning schedule fail - and Halloween party at the Fremantle Prison!

Yesterday I wrote about rearranging my schedule to get up earlier to get home earlier and get a chance to walk Keeda in the morning and as well as at night. I set my alarm to 6am, woke up, and collapsed back into bed. It did not work. Tonight I’m trying a different method - I’m pretending it’s Daylight Savings and setting my iPhone clock forward an hour. That way when I get up at 7am I’m really getting up at 6! Genius.

In other news, I’ll be the Ghostly Girl at the Halloween party at Fremantle Prison on October 30th. This is an event that raises funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association of WA. Check out the flyer here.

Come! It shall be awesome. Tickets are $190 per person, $300 for the V.I.P. Marquee, and $5,500 for the V.I.P. Cabana.

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