Laser Eye Surgery is a-Go!

I had my consultation appointment with Perth Laser Vision at Murdoch Hospital today. I had to go through two rooms of testing, where they had me look into all kinds of machines to map the surface of my eyes, check my retinas, and other such things. All in all they had to bring me up to four different types of machines before they sat me back down in the reception area to wait for the surgeon.

Finally, the surgeon called me into his office, where he tested my eyes with yet another gadget of some sort. And then came the words I’ve been waiting for: “You’re a good candidate for laser eye surgery. The surgery should be simple and straight forward, just a basic short-sightedness correction.”

You have no idea how happy I was. I’ve been saving up and planning for this for months and finally I get the OK. I made an appointment for the earliest possible date, which luckily happens to be next Thursday!

Obviously they can’t guarantee anything with 100% certainty, but he said that at my age they slightly over-correct vision on purpose, so when my eyesight worsens with age I shouldn’t even notice a difference for about 20 years or so.

I can’t wait.

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