A Bad Run - Running in the Heat

As I type this I’m laying in bed, rubbing my head and trying to figure out what the heck happened.

Earlier today I stepped out of the house in my running leggings and top, feeling good and stretching on the doorstep. It’s a warm day, bordering on what I would call ‘hot’, but not too scorching. I made sure to drink water before my run and felt great. After having sudden trouble running my usual distance of 5km in my last run I was totally confident about today’s attempt.

So I set off down the road on the usual running path I take around the neighborhood. Two and a half laps of this path add up to 5km. I was holding my pace down on purpose, trying to forget about speed and just completing the distance. I was happy with a slow pace of about 5:30 per kilometer. Before I even finished the first lap I felt fatigued. I’ve been running 5km regularly for the past couple of months, what the heck could be happening now? My throat felt like sandpaper as I breathed and the top of my mouth was rough when I tried to moist it with my tongue.

I made sure to drink plenty of water before the run, but there I was - feeling dizzy and dehydrated and hot. The sun felt like it was burning a hole in my head, but I made myself keep going. After all, 5km was my goal today and no way was I stopping again.

I didn’t stop, but eventually my thighs began to cramp, my vision became disoriented, and it hurt to breathe in my throat. With half a kilometer to go, I gave up and slowed to a walk. Not only did slowing down not make me feel any better, but a flood of nausea instantly washed over me. My head was pounding and my legs felt as though they were about to give out from under me. I heard my heart racing as if it would break out of my ribcage any second.

“Please don’t let me throw up.” I thought as I passed by a park with kids playing with their families. I did not want to hunch over in the nearby bush and gross out the kids. Thankfully, I didn’t throw up and made it home without the fall that I was expecting to have any second. I stepped through the door on the 5km mark, feeling sick and defeated. When I looked in the mirror my face wasn’t red as I was expecting, but so pale that it looked almost white.

I’m now in bed, feeling a bit better but still really out of it. I know I have to get up and go to the shop soon as there is no food whatsoever in the house for me to eat. I was going to ride my bike to the shop, but catching the bus is probably a better option. Or maybe I could just go without food today, feels more tempting than getting up right now.

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