A potentially unwise newfound interest in tea.

This week is shaping up to be full of crazy. Not only do I still have to finish my February One Game a Month submission, but just a couple of days ago I found out I’d have to pull off a move. The apartment now looks like a bomb went off as I stuff things into what empty boxes we have left and garbage bags. I’m trying to get as much as I can done over the weekend so that I don’t have to pull packing, cleaning, and JavaScript all-nighters on work days…which I think I’m going to have to do anyway.

All of this has resulted in “relaxing” walks and a newfound hobby - tea. I’ve always liked tea, but I seem to have developed a sudden and not necessarily healthy interest in┬átea over literally the course of one hour. I’m not sure why, there’s not even a good reason. I think it’s just a de-stressing mechanism. I got this weird teacup that lets me make loose leaf tea much more easily than using a pot and kettle (though I’m sure it doesn’t result in the best possible taste for the trade-off) and have slowly begun hoarding various types of tea.

[caption id=“attachment_49214” align=“aligncenter” width=“523”] weirdo cup Weirdo Cup[/caption]

The first variety I tried was milky oolong that smelled so much better than it tasted. Next came Lipton’s Russian Earl Grey, which was nice but nowhere as good as the Twinings Russian Earl Grey we had in Finland. And then it was Twinings Lady Grey, which was also ok. Today I went for an afternoon walk and picked up Ceylon tea. I think this is my favorite so far - it reminds me the most of the tea we used to have in Ukraine. But I was also recommended this awesome tea store that’s near work. In addition to the external recommendation, I actually walked right past it on my walk! It was unfortunately shut on Sunday, but I am going back there at lunchtime tomorrow in search of Russian Caravan Tea (my favorite tea to drink from The Merchant back in Australia). It should be deliciously smoky and every time I drank it in Australia I imagined myself travelling with a caravan in the snow, through mountains. Or with a circus…also in the snow…also through mountains. This tea always made me want to write when I drank it. Anyway, they also had lots of other interesting looking tea and I can’t wait to smell the place.

On today’s walk I also went into an a really interesting art gallery:

Art gallery


And I walked into this store that was on the street behind the main street in Slussen. It had cool chairs and this amazing looking bike…that cost something like 5900SEK (that’s just over $900 for you Americans). I NOPEd immediately.

Stockholm bike

I also saw this unfortunate animal. And I saw an old lady shorter than me (I’m 5'4) walking a wolfhound that was more than half her size! Unfortunately they both looked very strict and I did not manage to get a photo.

Unfortunate dog

Stockholm was very pretty in general, as always:

Stockholm, Sweden




I am now going to spend 30 minutes working on these #1GAM event triggers and then packing. And probably drinking more tea.

PS: Also for some reason our internet connection has been excruciatingly slow over the past few days and it is definitely not helping the de-stressifying efforts.

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