X-Men: First Class was AWESOME...though that ending

C asked if I wanted to see X-Men: First Class this past Tuesday and I of course said yes seeing as I heard so many good things about it. And it was worth it! I don’t have a very good long term movie memory so can’t remember much of the other movies aside from the general gist of the story, but I thought this prequel was just awesome in the way it tied in with the general/overall storyline (even though I hear there were some discrepancies in the details). Especially Magneto and how Xavier lost his legs. My one and only gripe with the movie is this (watch out, minor spoiler):

I wish it ended sooner. I think that the scene where they were on the island with Xavier saying: “I can’t feel my legs…I can’t feel my legs…” was just the perfect ending spot. Then there was the zooming out action and I kept expecting the credits to roll. For me that would’ve been a totally powerful ending, tying in with one of the most recognizable features of Xavier’s character - his inability to walk. Instead they spent a few extra minutes tying in all the loose ends that in my opinion weren’t really loose and didn’t need tying. It kind of lost that powerful ending moment for me after that scene.

Also, the movie going experience was made even more awesome when I came home that evening to find a surprise in my mailbox - a Hoyts movie voucher from Nuffnang, meaning I got to see X-Men for free that same night! Thanks, Nuffnang :)

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