A move and a quick Gastropoda update


Buying an apartment in Sweden is refreshingly hassle-free but by no means stress-free. You find one you like online, you go to a viewing, you bid…and bid…and bid until you can’t bid no mo'. Alternatively, you find one you like online and just bid.

So we just moved in today. We only took some essentials with us, so here we are in a huge empty apartment. It’s nice - our goal is to not clutter it with crap. We’ll only buy the things that we actually need. For now that’s a bed. Maybe some chairs.

Moving out of the old place is going to be the most stressful part. There is all the packing and then the moving and then the cleaning. I wish I could just never go back to the old place again, but it’s not that easy. I’ll just focus on the fact that we have a porch now.

It still hasn’t really sunk in that I actually bought an apartment with someone (or at all). People have suggested that I buy back in Australia, but it never seemed like a good idea. It would just tie me down to a country that, while nice, I knew I didn’t want to stay in. I guess that went for more than just the place, too. On the other hand, Sweden feels much more like “home”, so the question of committment never crossed my mind.


I have been battling it out with the nutrition system. Energy wasn’t being converted properly between calories/joules/carbs/fat/protein, resulting in some very annoying and difficult to diagnose behaviour. Snails with 200% energy and whatnot, snails whose energies didn’t deplete as much as they should in the daily event, etc.

That’s sorted out now. It’s now time to go back and review/clean up everything and make sure it’s all commented before working on any further features. I swear I’m going to forget what the crap I did unless I add some notes.

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