A weekend of train-ventures, dodgy restaurants, and the most amazing weather in the universe.

I was meant to write this blog post four hours ago. Instead I got home and decided that since this one would have quite a bit of pictures in it and I’ve been running into bandwidth issues I may as well find a better solution for image hosting (as opposed to uploading everything to this server). I signed up to Amazon S3 on its free trial account and have been attempting to set it up ever since. Now I don’t even want to write this stupid post anymore, but I will anyway because darn it I didn’t spend all this time and effort to set up one fricking S3 bucket just to give up at the very end.

I was meant to go for a run this weekend, but this did not happen so instead I’ll do one of those half-assed at-home workout efforts on a full stomach just to make me feel like a little less of a lazy slug.

Saturday - end to end on the green line

[caption id="" align=“alignleft” width=“288”] Hot or Not Skarpnack Hot or Not[/caption]

The weekend was mostly good! We decided to be extremely rebellious and get on the train going in the other direction from our station today. It was very exciting. We ended up going to the very end of our line and got off at Skarpnäck. I thought the buildings around the station looked really cool, but other than that there wasn’t really much to do…it was almost lunchtime and we were a little hungry, but stopping to eat at a restaurant called “Hot or Not” in this kind of weird looking neighborhood didn’t seem that appealing.

So we figured…let’s go in the other direction, to Hässelby. We did some quick phone-Googling and decided that it sounded pretty interesting. Lots of people seem to want to live there so it must be a nice neighborhood, right? We’d grab a nice lunch at a cafe or something while there and explore and it would be full of awesome awesomeness.

The train trip to the other end of the line took about 45 minutes to an hour from Skarpnäck. And…we got out to a whole lot of nothing. Near the station were two food places - a pizzeria and some sort of fast food cafe. Unfortunately by this time @locust9 was feeling a) extremely hungry and b) kind of sick, so we just wanted to shovel some food in us and go home. We ventured out to the water hoping to find a nicer cafe, but this did not happen. Instead we wandered back and ate a sad meal of “fish ‘n’ chips”. Which sounded good at first, but then I remembered that when Swedes say “Fish ‘n’ chips” what they really mean is this:

[caption id="" align=“aligncenter” width=“800”] Fake Swedish Fish ‘n’ Chips Swedish “Fish ‘n’ Chips”[/caption]

I did think the giant forest on the other side of the water at Hässelby looked really interesting, though. It’s the kind of forest you imagine people having adventures in. The kind of forest that makes you want to write a story about getting lost in a forest. The kind of forest where werewolves, zombies, and other monsters live. I said that we should come back there when we’re feeling less sick and better prepared to walk along the water and then maybe find a way to cross into the forest.

[caption id="" align=“aligncenter” width=“800”] Hasselby forest Hasselby forest[/caption]

So we ate some pathetic fish and chips, got back on the train, and headed home.

Sunday - Södermalm

It’s amazing how much there is to discover in Stockholm. I go to Södermalm every day both for work, running, and just for fun and there are new streets, parks, and views to discover each time. We got delicious crepes for lunch, then went to an awesome, tiny closed-in park with an amazing view of the water.

Crepe Stockholm

Crepe place Stockholm

Summer in Södermalm, Sweden

We sat on a bench, drank coffee, and talked about Jesus. Not…in the way you think.

And then we discovered a little wooden bridge just behind the park fence. It had even better views of the water. The weather today was pretty much perfect. I hope it stays like this all summer…and winter…and every other season. I heard that Swedish summers were great, but I didn’t know they would be this great.

Södermalm bench View from wooden bridge

View from the wooden bridge in Södermalm

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