I got to Brisbane in one piece!

Classic Liza. I get to Brisbane, catch a train to the CBD. First thing I do: stumble into a fantasy and science fiction book shop and buy a book on impulse (Germline by T.C. McCarthy). Second thing I do: sit down at an Internet cafe next door to the book shop.

[caption id=“attachment_46591” align=“aligncenter” width=“300” caption=“My least favorite part of the trip so far: packing."] Packing for Brisbane [/caption]

The flight was good. It was delayed by about an hour, but I’m here in one piece. I’m currently in Brisbane looking every bit the tourist I am with my big luggage bag and camera on my neck.

First, I have to say that Brisbane weather is awesome. Walking out of the plane I instantly felt the mild humidity and it reminded me of Alabama. I do have to say, though, that Perth trains are much cleaner and well kept looking than the Brisbane train I was on.

Plan for today: Explore Brisbane for a couple of hours, possibly meet friend for coffee, then catch train to Gold Coast and try to find the hotel. Drop off my stuff and orientate myself, then find a chemist and buy some essentials. Like toothpaste.

Not a very exciting post, but meh. You’ll see all the exciting EB Expo stuff on the iiNet blog later. I will also be tweeting from the Expo tomorrow and Sunday.

I should probably go explore now…

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