Busy weekend - Atrium at Burswood, D&D, and Jarrahdale Hike

This weekend was very eventful.

On Friday, my recruiter had an awesome buffet lunch the Atrium in Burswood. The food was unbelievably awesome; there was such a huge variety! And the desserts - I was in heaven. All of the contractors were also given two bottles of wine, which was very generous.

On Saturday I went to play Dungeons & Dragons (4e). It was a bit of a frustrating session as my Tiefling Paladin just couldn’t seem to hit anything that day. She ended up running away most of the time because she was swarmed by about five evil diggers and they were totally beating her up! But it’s ok - she’ll get them back next time :D sharpens Tiefling horns

Today, Sunday, C went to see a friend at the beach in the morning, she (the friend) is leaving for what I think is a few months soon for a job. And then we went to Jarrahdale for a several-hour hike. It was a lot of fun!

Here are some photos from the weekend: [gallery]

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