Today was not as productive as it should've been - Multitouch and stuff

Over the past couple of days I’ve tried to get multitouch working and I kind of have (though buggy), but then realized that I don’t think I even need mulititouch after all for what I’m trying to make. I don’t want to complicate things and with the movement controls available to the user multitouch may be a mistake. I guess we’ll see. For now I’ve reverted to non-multitouch movement and kept theĀ potential for multitouch in the code just in case anything changes. There are still control modifications to be made, but I left them for now as I’ve been staring at this thing all day and now it feels like I’m just wasting time. Stuff works, all that’s changing now is the actual control mechanism - gestures vs buttons etc.

I’ve spent more time fleshing out the idea of what I actually want to make and think I’ve decided. I think I found a pretty good balance between brainstorming and coding and have been working out stuff like levels, story, etc while at the same time still working on the code side of things as well. Today felt like a bit of a waste though, because most of it was messing around with the controls to get this multitouch thing working and then realizing that I don’t even really want to use it (and not getting it working perfectly anyway). So it’s like I just spent a day wasting time. Not to mention it wasn’t a very good day overall with other stuff, so I spent it wasting time with this, being tired, and drifting into sudden naps since I’ve been running on 3 hours. So pretty much imagine a sleepy sad sloth with a keyboard. That was me.

Sloth with a notebook

I did put in a new obstacle toward the end and fixed up a couple of other little things, but overall it feels like I should’ve been way more productive.

The fact that I still can’t see any of my backgrounds due to that iOSImpact bug isn’t really helping. The backgrounds themselves will need to have some code attached to make them transition smoothly, which I can’t really easily test without being able to see them. And I’m itching to actually be able to see the player entity moving through a really rough placeholder environment as opposed to just having entities on a black void. Hopefully there’s a fix for this one thing soon; until then I’ll work on other non-background related stuff.

Anyway, not a very productive feeling day overall compared to the other days. I’ll do better tomorrow.

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