Pre-ordering Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition from EB Games

UPDATE, Tue Apr 17: I followed the advice of an EB rep on the EB Games Facebook page and called the store to check on my CE key today, which still has not arrived. Then I called the EB Games CSR line (13 39 30) as the rep suggested. They sent my key out to me via email straight away. I registered it on the GW2 site using my old GW1 account. Quick and painless :) Now I just hope they did indeed give me a CE and not standard or DD key as the GW2 account page (which is a work in progress) does not specify yet, but the CSR on the phone did clarify which I purchased so I’m pretty sure at this point the worry is just baseless paranoia on my part (fingers crossed). EB Games seems to have handled my particular order well despite the key delay scare, so as of right now, all is right with the world and I’m ready for the BWEs to start. UPDATE, Mon Apr 16: EB Games at Enex 100 in Perth, WA claim to have not gotten enough codes in to give to everyone who pre-ordered. The first people to pre-order have been called. As for when the rest of us are getting our codes, the person I spoke to had no idea. When asked if the codes will be there before the first Beta Weekend Event at the end of April the reply was “Uh…they should be…” That’s all the information I have for now. I want to stab something.

Original post: There has been quite a bit of confusion about Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase in Australia, so I thought I’d write a quick post about the info I’ve been able to wrangle from EB Games so far (specifically about the Collector’s Edition). I have been waiting for this game for five fricking years, so I did my best to make sure that I’m getting my pre-purchase code and my box on time and without any fiascos that tend to come with ordering through a middle-man.

From what I gather between calling my EB Games store, then calling the EB support line as the store said they’d have more information, and gathering info online:

  1. The Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars 2 in Australia is being sold exclusively through EB Games for $198 (EB site, ArenaNet site)

  2. When you buy from the EB Games website (and probably in person, but I can’t guarantee this as I bought from the site) the system gets you to pay $50 of the full amount. The rest is to be paid on pick-up. This essentially turns this into a pre-order as opposed to a pre-purchase (EB site, store phone call) but

  3. Despite not paying the full amount as ANet said would be necessary pre-ordering through EB Games still gets you the pre-purchase code for access to the GW2 Beta Weekends and the 3 day head start (EB site, _EB rep email [unverified]_)

  4. The pre-purchase codes for those who have pre-ordered should be in on April 16, 2012 (and may take a couple of days to be disseminated to all the stores) (EB Games customer service line). This should be before the first Beta Weekend event; ArenaNet previously mentioned the first event is in late April.

As an aside: when ArenaNet says pre-purchases get access to Beta Weekends (and this should already be obvious, but people are still stupidly complaining) they mean the specific weekend events, not all testing events. A Beta Weekend event is not the same as a stress test or any other kind of test. Pre-ordering does not entitle us to every single testing event. Quit getting your panties in a bunch.

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