I fail at life and everything - installing my new Wacom Intuos4

I got a Wacom Intuos4 yesterday. Upon getting home that night, I excitedly unpacked it, installed the drivers, plugged it in, and tried to draw.

And it didn’t work. I sat there for what must’ve been an hour uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, making sure the Wacom Service was set to start automatically and that the TabletPC service was disabled in Windows 7, restarting my computer, and trying all kinds of other things. Nope, the pen wouldn’t even register.

C got home later that night, took one look at my exasperated self, and said: “Give me a few minutes, I’ll have a shower and then have a look.”

A few minutes later he comes back and tells me to step aside. “There are steps you have to follow, see, to make sure everything is as it should.” He says this while inspecting the tablet.

Yeah, yeah, whatever - I’ve tried EVERYTHING.

“Ah, I see where you went wrong.” He says.

“WTF? Where?!”

“You didn’t plug the cable in.” He proceeds to plug in the mini USB and I hear a click that I didn’t hear when I plugged it in. The tablet magically works.


Also, here is my first quick drawing while testing out the tablet. I haven’t drawn regularly in years, so don’t expect much:

Fox with a rectal thermometer (or an angry cat)

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