D&D and Speed Fighting


Our D&D; 4e group had an awesome session last weekend. It went something like this (and I’m just prattling off from memory here, pardon any mistakes, fellow party members):

We were looking for this super magical crown, following the tracks of the human who took it from a battleground burial site and ran away. The tracks eventually led us to an old, spooky graveyard with a blue light coming from the far-right hand side. My character Kiki, being a Tiefling, was instantly drawn to this sinister looking light and started to move towards it.

The others saw a shape emerge from a large tomb on the other side of the graveyard and moved forward cautiously, sneaking behind other tombs and not getting spotted. Kiki, however, was too entranced by the glowing light and was spotted by what they later saw was a very religious goblin with ram skulls all over him.

Before the goblin spotted the others, Kiki bluffed the heck out of him and acted dumb, saying she was just passing through. The goblin told her to leave this place. In a miserable attempt to lure him closer so that Dandelion (Dande) could grab the goblin from his nearby hiding place nearby, Kiki attempted to lure the creature in with her charisma and awesome skills of seduction. It did not work. The goblin was not impressed. He scoffed and, again, told her to leave as a big-ass spider began to scuttle towards them (summoned by the goblin).

While this was happening zombies appeared on the other side of the graveyard, which Gak started to dispatch with his crossbow. The goblin heard the fight and the battle was on.

During a raging fight (where Kiki actually got to kill some stuff! Last time she didn’t manage to get a single hit in), the group belatedly realized that the blue glowing circle in the graveyard was a summoning circle, which kept calling up more and more corpses. The corpses only had something like 1HP, but still - it was annoying. They just kept coming! Kiki and Dande approached the summoning circle. Unlike Sigil, who had a high Arcana skill, Kiki’s Arcana skill was at 2. Kiki took a long, serious look at the summoning circle as she tried to figure out how to disable it and, finally, turned to Dande and said: “Hm…it appears to be blue.”

Anyway, the battle isn’t quite finished, but we’re getting there. We figured out how to disable the summoning circle although Kiki, being a little preoccupied with fighting evil and unlawfulness, kind of forgot the details. All she knows is there’s something about not being able to fail three times or else all Hell will break loose…or something like that.

Speed Fighting

That same day I remembered my “speed fighting” T2 days. Speed fighting is what taught me to touch type and helped me increase my speed. The basic premise is roleplaying a fight in a chatroom. There are all kinds of speed fighting styles out there, the two I used in the old MSN chats were 5/5/5 (also known as aaa) and some sort of mix of anything goes. The anything goes was the most fast paced and exciting one. An example of a fight would go like this:

Char 1: Jumps into rafters Char 2: Grabs knife from table Char 1: Swings from rafters, kicking out at his head Char 2: Ducks, slashes knife at her leg Char 2: Connects

And so on and so forth. There would always be an attack and a “connect”. From what I’ve been erading a connect legally can’t just be “connects”, but that’s how we played and it was just fine by me. Typing speed mattered - a lot. You’d have to type fast enough to counter or dodge before the other person could connect. This meant anticipating moves and covering a lot of ground. But as I mentioned the makeshift way we fought in the MSN chats wasn’t really following the rules of the many types of speed fighting out there. It did teach me to type at 139WPM though :D:D

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