Watched Tron: Legacy

C and I went to see Tron: Legacy in 3D last night. I have to be honest - I haven’t seen the original Tron. I only remember being obsessed with this old PC game where you had to control a car that was spitting out a blue wall as you drove as you tried to trap your opponent. At the time I had no idea the game was actually based on a movie.

So anyway, Tron: Legacy was awesome. I really enjoyed it, despite not having seen the orignial. And to be honest - I’m not even sure that I ever want to see the original. I saw the trailer and I think the outdated visuals would just ruin my impression of Tron: Legacy. Thoughts? Should I watch the original Tron?

At first I wished I could get onto the grid, racing light cycles and meeting programs. I always get so drawn into these movie worlds that I end up wishing they were real and that I could be in them. But while the Tron world was amazing and unique and mind blowing, I eventually realized that I would definitely not like to get inside. It seems cold, dark, and…well…depressing. This doesn’t make it any less amazing, of course.

I loved Daft Punk’s soundtrack as well and have listened to it twice now (although it’s been sharing playtime with Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns).

Anyways, I thought Tron: Legacy was awesome. It would have been even more awesome if I didn’t watch it while I was sick. I started dozing off a bit over the halfway point, but then something happened and I was wide awake again (granted, I do not remember what that ‘something’ was).

On the way back in the car, C and I talked about 3D TVs. I like going to see a 3D movie once in a while, but I don’t think I’d actually want to own a 3D TV. Wearing glasses while watching a movie every night isn’t my idea of comfort and I think I’d prefer to just watch regular ol' TV.

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