Redesigns and injuries go hand in hand

You might have noticed that this blog now has a vastly different design from what it was before. What happened is this:

I broke my foot a couple of months ago by tripping and falling while tweeting and walking at the same time. It was a fracture of the fifth metatarsal and just a couple of weeks ago I finally got the go-ahead to run again from the doctor.

Today while stepping off a bus, the doors began to shut before I was completely out. I kind of panicked and rushed out, jumping down into the mulchy slippery area outside the door. I twisted the same foot/ankle that is recovering from the fracture.

I hobbled home, feeling like I’m in some sort of a bad dream - was this really happening again? Really? I was going to wake up any minute now, I just knew it.

I didn’t wake up. This is happening. I’m meant to fly to Brisbane on Friday to attend EB Expo. Frack.

I put a bag of frozen vegetables on the foot straight away and waited. It started to swell, but I noticed the swelling was not nearly as bad as it was when I first fractured the foot. I am hoping that it’s just a sprain/bruise. The pain seems to have died down a bit (when I first got home it was a non-stop aching pain. Now I mostly only feel it when I step on the foot, and it seems to be getting better as the night goes on). I will need to get it checked out tomorrow to know what’s happening for sure.

So this entire night I’ve been frustrated, fidgety, and worried about my foot. I’ve been so restless that everything seemed to be annoying and frustrating me. I took it out on my blog and decided to scrap everything. I tossed this thing together and here we are.

If you didn’t think design and injuries could go hand-in-hand - think again.

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